Minggu, 09 September 2012

what future will brings

4 years ago , i was a new student in my beloved campus :P
but now i'm an old student but many people said that i'm still like a student in senior high school
aaw aw aw

so , now i'm trying hard to get my bachelor's degree :)
Even "that's not mine yet" i've already thought about what will i do after I graduated ?
Continue study ? Getting Job ? or getting married?
eaaaaaaaaaa ,hahahahahhaha
no one knows what future will brings
But i have a sweet dream , Obviously, i wanna make my familiy proud of me :)
Yes , that's what everbody wants !

A lecturer ?
it seems to me a good idea to be a lecturer, yeah everybody knows that my father is a lecturer :)
And i'm totally proud to be his daughter :)
Ang from my point of view , being a lecturer is very interesting , especially for a woman :)
But i don't know what will happened into my life , we may have a plan , and we have to execute all of our plan to reach what we wanted :)
Believe in God , God will give us the best things for our life :)

And for you, my man...
Time will answer all of our pray
hope our dreams will come true
*with love*

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