Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

I've made A big Decision

voilaa bloggers, it's been a long time i didn't post something on my blog..
how are youu guysss ?? hohooo
don't you curious about what's happened in my life ?
yeah , this time i just want to share about A big decision that i've made
it sounds too exaggerate , but this is real guys, i think this is the hardest decision that i had to make

After i got my bachelor's degree , i have plan to continue my study to get master degree
and yes , i fight for that ! i went to jakarta, i joined TPA test in Bapenas to full fill one of the requirements for registering master degree in ITB. with the minimum score is 470 ..
For me , that test was quite scary.. because i'm not smart enough , my IQ was not like a genius person. so before that test, i've prepare myself with studying ..
Alhamdulilah , i got the score above 470. yes i'm very grateful coz my score was not shameful :))

okey , go on to my next effort !
after got tpa score, i went to ITB with nabila and nadia
it was the first time i visitted ITB, what an awesome campus !
but at that time , i felt like i was the most foolish person in that place .HAHAHA
Trust me , it's totally different between UNSRI and ITB :))
my fisrt impression of ITB , it was GREAT !!
back to my purpose , i went to ITB for joining ELPT test. This is also a recuirement for registering master degree.. FYI , i apply for master degree in Information System , which is linear with my previous educational backgorund !!

finally , after i complete all of the requirements , i got this news !

GUE LULUS ITB SOBB !! hahahahaha

Meanwhile, i wasn't only do some test to continue my study but also do some test to got a job !!
Yap , GUE LABIL  !!!
I figth for what i am crazy about , and both of them are what i'm crazy about !!
I did some test to got a job , in telkomsel , BRI, BTN , and MANDIRI !!
you know what ? To be frank, as a fresh graduate , i have a desire to contribute myself in a big company where i can apply my skill and my knowlegde that i've got before !
In the bottom of my heart, i wanna make my family proud of me.
i wanna help my family's financial , i think if i directly continue my study , it's not easy for my parents to fund my study , coz now my brother was still in UGM to got his master degree and my sister wanna      be a college student in this year!!

This is the reason why GUE LABIL!!

like what i said earlier , i joined test in some big company , in telkomsel , bri , and BTN .. I FAILED !!
you know how was my feeling at that time ?? again and again , i feel like i'm the most unlucky person , even gue udah sampe tahapan yang jauh banget untuk setiap test !!!

Alhamdulilah , i still believe in God , i don't have an intention to kill my self just because i failed,HAHAHAHA
I try and try until i Got this unforgettabel message !!!

Such a sweet result after a big effort !!
Thanks God!

Gue seneng tapi gue juga bingung, gue pengen kerja , gue juga pengen S2 !!
Gue sadar , gue ini wanitaa sob , gini gini meskipun gue masih bisa dibilang abg labil , gue tau kodrat perempuan sob !! hohooo
gue tau resiko kerja di bank , tapi kesempatan gk dateng 2 kali sob , semua orang mengidamkan apa yang udah gue dapetin sekarang, masa iya gue ngelepasnya gitu aja :(( . di tiga perusahaan seblumnya gue gagal dan tuhan ngasih gue kelulusan disini , see ? tuhan ngasih gue kemudahan dan semoga ini yang terbaik..
this is what i call a big decision !! this is about my future , i have to make sure that my decision will lead me to have a beautiful life and brings me to success .. Aminnnn
hemmm , bismilah saya putuskan untuk bekerja dan "menunda" keinginan untuk lanjut kuliah !!
semoga gue bisa berkarir dan gue juga bisa jadi istri dan ibu yang hebat nantinya , insyaallah , aminnnnnn :)

*sometimes i can be mature enough ,hahaha

Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Alhamdulilah, akhirnya sarjana :)

Thanks God, Finally i got it
akhirnya dapet gelar sarjana juga
perjuangan kuliah selama 4,5 tahun, banyak bangetttttt cerita selama 4,5 tahun kuliah :D
ada susahnya, ada senengnya, ada sedihnya, ada capeknyaaa, asam manis palembang-layo, semuaaaanya udah gw lewatin
ini semua buat kalian , Mama Papa :)
sedihhh , terharu banget rasanya :)

Makasi buat semua yang udah berperan penting dalam perjuangan kuliah gw, sahabat-sahabat gw, temen-temen, mantan pacar gw, mantan gebetan gw , hahaha pokoknya semuanyaaaa makasihh banyaakk :)
Makasih buat dosen-dosen yang udah ngebimbing , ngasih ilmu.
Semoga kedepannya saya bisa membawa nama baik almamater, amin

Minggu, 23 September 2012

regreting , desperate !!

i need a space !
this regreting totally makes me desperate !!!

i have no other choice , this is my decision , this is my fault ..
So?? yah let it go ..

Minggu, 09 September 2012

what future will brings

4 years ago , i was a new student in my beloved campus :P
but now i'm an old student but many people said that i'm still like a student in senior high school
aaw aw aw

so , now i'm trying hard to get my bachelor's degree :)
Even "that's not mine yet" i've already thought about what will i do after I graduated ?
Continue study ? Getting Job ? or getting married?
eaaaaaaaaaa ,hahahahahhaha
no one knows what future will brings
But i have a sweet dream , Obviously, i wanna make my familiy proud of me :)
Yes , that's what everbody wants !

A lecturer ?
it seems to me a good idea to be a lecturer, yeah everybody knows that my father is a lecturer :)
And i'm totally proud to be his daughter :)
Ang from my point of view , being a lecturer is very interesting , especially for a woman :)
But i don't know what will happened into my life , we may have a plan , and we have to execute all of our plan to reach what we wanted :)
Believe in God , God will give us the best things for our life :)

And for you, my man...
Time will answer all of our pray
hope our dreams will come true
*with love*

Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012


Kinda weird
when i've to pretend like i didn't know you
Like yesterday, when i meet you
you seemed like stranger for me

Even i realize that all i have is just memories !!
you'd never know how much i'm falling
The pain is strong enough despite

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012


Congratulation, hope you'll get everything that you want

yeaahh , both of my best friends have already finished their study !
What about me??
I'm still trying to finish my final report, hopefully september will be mine

did you know that my parents always push me to graduate soon ?
For me , it makes me feel  so oppressed!
even i give many reasons , they didn't want understand

Burnt Out, it can be like this !
errrrrrrrrrrr , i'm so stressful right now
Trust me MOM DAD , i will do everything for you
But please , give your a bit understanding for me
Dont make me feel like i'm the one who's very stupid!
don't you know that now i'm so sad , so pleaseeeee don't compare me with everyone

Back to my first writing , look at this picture below...

Again and again , i just wanna say "CONGRATULATION for both of you , my best friends "
Jangannn ajaa gk dateng klo gw wisudaa september atau desemeber tahun ini hahahahaha

Jumat, 11 Mei 2012


Yaps , Indonesia lagi-lagi berkabung
untuk kesekian kalinya terjadi kecelakan pesawat terbang !
wahh gw bner2 merinding
Cuba deh lo bayangin klo kita yang ada di posisi "penumpang" pesawat SUKHOI yang jatuh di sekitaran Gunung Salak, Bogor
Naudzubilahminzalik, itu pasti sangat menakutkan , menyeramkan !

itu satu peringatan juga buat kita , dan saya khususnya klo "ajal" udah dateng mau dimanapun , kapanpun , dlm kondisi apapun , gk ada yang bisa ngehindarinya !

hmm , balik lg ke tragedi SUKHOI .
Gw bner2 berharap ada keajaiban, klo salah satu penumpang bisa selamat.
Gw yang nonton beritanya aja sampai netesin air mata , apalgi keluargaaa yang ditinggalin
Subhanallah , klo Allah sudah berkehendak , secanggih apapun bikinan manusia tidak akan pernah sebanding dengan ciptaan Tuhan.
Tidak akan ada yang bisa menghindari kehendak TUHAN .

Kemarin sore , gw nonton berita di salah satu stasiun TV , gw ngliat anak dari salah satu penumpang SUKHOI, yang masih kecil2 bangetttt.. bner deh , gw gk bohong . gw bner2 miris ngliatnya .
yahh PASTINYA mreka berharap ayahnya selamat dari tragedi SUKHOI itu !
dan begitupun saya , gw sangatt berharap ada keajaiban yang ALLAH kasih .