Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

I've made A big Decision

voilaa bloggers, it's been a long time i didn't post something on my blog..
how are youu guysss ?? hohooo
don't you curious about what's happened in my life ?
yeah , this time i just want to share about A big decision that i've made
it sounds too exaggerate , but this is real guys, i think this is the hardest decision that i had to make

After i got my bachelor's degree , i have plan to continue my study to get master degree
and yes , i fight for that ! i went to jakarta, i joined TPA test in Bapenas to full fill one of the requirements for registering master degree in ITB. with the minimum score is 470 ..
For me , that test was quite scary.. because i'm not smart enough , my IQ was not like a genius person. so before that test, i've prepare myself with studying ..
Alhamdulilah , i got the score above 470. yes i'm very grateful coz my score was not shameful :))

okey , go on to my next effort !
after got tpa score, i went to ITB with nabila and nadia
it was the first time i visitted ITB, what an awesome campus !
but at that time , i felt like i was the most foolish person in that place .HAHAHA
Trust me , it's totally different between UNSRI and ITB :))
my fisrt impression of ITB , it was GREAT !!
back to my purpose , i went to ITB for joining ELPT test. This is also a recuirement for registering master degree.. FYI , i apply for master degree in Information System , which is linear with my previous educational backgorund !!

finally , after i complete all of the requirements , i got this news !

GUE LULUS ITB SOBB !! hahahahaha

Meanwhile, i wasn't only do some test to continue my study but also do some test to got a job !!
Yap , GUE LABIL  !!!
I figth for what i am crazy about , and both of them are what i'm crazy about !!
I did some test to got a job , in telkomsel , BRI, BTN , and MANDIRI !!
you know what ? To be frank, as a fresh graduate , i have a desire to contribute myself in a big company where i can apply my skill and my knowlegde that i've got before !
In the bottom of my heart, i wanna make my family proud of me.
i wanna help my family's financial , i think if i directly continue my study , it's not easy for my parents to fund my study , coz now my brother was still in UGM to got his master degree and my sister wanna      be a college student in this year!!

This is the reason why GUE LABIL!!

like what i said earlier , i joined test in some big company , in telkomsel , bri , and BTN .. I FAILED !!
you know how was my feeling at that time ?? again and again , i feel like i'm the most unlucky person , even gue udah sampe tahapan yang jauh banget untuk setiap test !!!

Alhamdulilah , i still believe in God , i don't have an intention to kill my self just because i failed,HAHAHAHA
I try and try until i Got this unforgettabel message !!!

Such a sweet result after a big effort !!
Thanks God!

Gue seneng tapi gue juga bingung, gue pengen kerja , gue juga pengen S2 !!
Gue sadar , gue ini wanitaa sob , gini gini meskipun gue masih bisa dibilang abg labil , gue tau kodrat perempuan sob !! hohooo
gue tau resiko kerja di bank , tapi kesempatan gk dateng 2 kali sob , semua orang mengidamkan apa yang udah gue dapetin sekarang, masa iya gue ngelepasnya gitu aja :(( . di tiga perusahaan seblumnya gue gagal dan tuhan ngasih gue kelulusan disini , see ? tuhan ngasih gue kemudahan dan semoga ini yang terbaik..
this is what i call a big decision !! this is about my future , i have to make sure that my decision will lead me to have a beautiful life and brings me to success .. Aminnnn
hemmm , bismilah saya putuskan untuk bekerja dan "menunda" keinginan untuk lanjut kuliah !!
semoga gue bisa berkarir dan gue juga bisa jadi istri dan ibu yang hebat nantinya , insyaallah , aminnnnnn :)

*sometimes i can be mature enough ,hahaha

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