Sabtu, 21 April 2012

happiness, that's what i want !

Until now , i can't feel truly happy because of you.
yeah , even i always smile doesn't mean that i feel happy.
it was so painful !
i'm not sure i can be strong to face this situation
i've tried and tried, but do you know ?
it's not easy like what they said.
and if "apologizes" could change the situation like 1 years ago , i will apologize a thousand times !
I don't know , what will happen in my future life .
But for now , I still can't open my heart to another man
i know it's no a good choice, but i dont't want to hurt another man.
I always hurt the man who loved me just for a man i adore !
I know i'm wronged !
Yeah , let me learn from every lessons in my life
hopefully, i can be better ..

i dont know what will happen in my life , i dont know who will be my guardian angel *uhukuhukk* :))
but i hope someday all of my dreams come true , and i hope i can feel truly happy SOON !
no more pain , no more tears , live happily forever !

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