Minggu, 29 April 2012


Good evening my beloved followers :)
tonight i'm blogging with my beauty smile,hahahahaa
i'm very thankful to god who always give me everything that i need !
Now, i aware that i'm enough stupid if i just complained about "something" ..
i don't need to worried about that because i believe GOD always beside me and always help and give everything that i need .
i admit that i've always complained about my problems.
i know myself, i'm not good in dealing with my emotion.
Sometimes i can be cheerful, but another day i can be a sensitive one.
One thing that i've to learn is how to avoid the urge to blow up everything
Now, i'm 21 years old. It's kinda weird if i still couldn't control my emotion or always thought like what children did.
yeahhh , the first point is i must be more mature .

the second is i have to MOVE ON !
yaaaa ! HARUS !
maybe it sounds easy, i know it takes a longgggg time to kill my feelings ! *Eaaaa
but it just waste my time if i couldn't move on as soon as possible !
yeaah, keep FIGHTING !!!!

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